Love bird complete setup for sale

  • October 14, 2021 1:54 AM
  • Lahore, Punjab


Emergency sail
A complete setup for sale
1 pair Parblue clear head hen(11months)* blue fisheri split opaline(18 months) holand blood line with holand ring
2 foster pair 1 year (breeder +fertile)
3 4*1.5*2separable cage
4 just installed keekar large size boxes with double side doors
5 Excellent quality seeds
6 Mix dal
7 prime vetafarm 10 grm
8 solvent D breeder 15 grm
9 D nutrical 100 grm
10 imported grid
11 egg food 250 grm
Both pair breeder b hi or excellent quality or health hi . Hr chiz akadhi sale krni hi. Foster pair n crossing kr di hi or parblue pair n nesting start kr di hai maybe crossing b kr di hu .
Reason for sailing: shifting plus Urgent need of money . ksi bhi ko chahiay tu rabta kr ly i will try jo pale aye wo kali hath na jye .
Bot mehnat ki thi in pr but conditions esi hi k sail krne prh rhe ,caska party plz mazeed pyrishan na kre
Demand:50k .

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